Hex Grid Widget
A simple jQuery Hex grid Widget, implemented using SVG, for prototyping hex-grid based games.

click around the grid


This opensource tiny (1.5KB, < 40 lines) jQuery plugin turns any DIV into an hexagonal grid widget, for prototyping hex-grid based games in HTML. Here are the key features:

  • No magic - just plain DOM, works in all browsers, easy to manipulate
  • Does not force any styling (so you can style it any way you want, using normal CSS)
  • Fields can are clickable, and the grid has dispatches an event with row and column position for easy click handling
  • Fields have DOM attributes attached to signal row and column position, so you can easily select them using jQuery or DOM selectors.
  • Fields have jQuery meta-data attached to point to the center of the field, so you can easily put other objects on them and position relative to the grid

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Initialise the grid by calling hexGridWidget:

$('#container').hexGridWidget(radius, columns, rows, cssClass)

Use the hex-row and hex-column DOM attributes to select an individual hex in the grid. For example:

$('#container [hex-row=2][hex-column=3]')

Capture clicks by listening to a hexclick event on the grid container DOM element.

 function (e) { 
  console.log('clicked [' + e.column + ',' + e.row +']' +
  ' hex with center at [' + e.center.x + ',' + e.center.y + ']');
Alternatively, just assign a normal click handler to individual hex field, or even a group of hexfields.
$('#container .hexfield').click(function () {
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